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License Terms

Since 9.0, OneDev introduces enterprise edition which requires a paid subscription to use, and now it is distributed under new license. In short, the server-ee folder is licensed separately with a source available license, while other parts remain MIT licensed.

It is promised that all existing features prior to 9.0 will never be moved into enterprise edition, and new features will be added to MIT licensed part continuously.

Helm Chart

  1. OneDev only supports to run as statefulsets now. Refer to the upgrade guide to migrate the persistent volume
  2. Various database settings are changed to remove the db prefix. For instance, .Values.database.dbType was changed to .Values.database.type. Refer to values.yaml for details

RESTful api

The operation to get issue fields now return a map of field name to value



Oracle support is removed as it is hard to test with latest version. If you happen to use this database, please back up data and restore to a supported database following this guide

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